Poetry Books

Deployed: A State of Human Conflict

In this story of man against himself, a young husband in his mid-twenties joins the military hoping to make a better living for his family and ends up getting deployed during his first year as a Marine. He battles through marital problems, enemy attacks, and his own inner demons to make it back home. What will he find when he returns? This books explores the darker side of military deployments from a creative perspective.

The Four Phases of Love

In this story of boy meets girl, Melik had finally given up on love until he meant Tasha, a young girl from a troubled area of town. Now he'll do anything to keep her love, even if it means battling a neighborhood full of suspicious people. Will Melik and Tasha be able to survive what lies ahead? Go to Amazon today and get your copy of The Four Phases of Love to follow this story.

Mustard Seeds

An inspiring body of poetry and imagery about faith, ordinary people, and the obstacles we encounter in life.